Going to Move in with My Girlfriend

Emily and I have been dating for a couple of years now, since I was a senior at Florida State. Of course I have been thinking that it is getting more and more serious for awhile, and now both of us are in the same city again. Obviously that is a great thing for a relationship and we have decided to get a place together. That was really easy after she examined what it cost when you look at apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL. It costs a lot and obviously it is going to be cheaper to get one instead of two. I have avoided that by crashing with a friend of mine from school. He had an extra room and he needed a couple of favors that were not that big of a deal, but of course the place was a long way from ideal and I am not going to miss him too much after getting to know him better than I would have liked.

Obviously we are looking for a place that is convenient for both of us. Emily has gotten a good job downtown, but I am working out on the edge of town. It is pretty obvious that we would want to find a place in the middle, but to this point that is not something that appears to be available. We have to find the closest thing that is available, but so far we do not think that we are getting a fair deal on the places we have found. None of these places look like luxury apartments, but they seem to charge the sort of rent that you would expect on a luxury apartment. It is not something that we know too much about however and we have to learn the way around it.

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